Saturday, August 06, 2005

Elvis is on Shivering Sands

The floor is a series of archaelogical layers of time. Partition walls, fallen down many years ago, still hold traces of magazine and newspaper cuttings. Elvis Presley is here and also many glamorous pin up women too.

I use my soft haired japanese wash brushes to gently remove the final layers of dust. Though the forts were built in 1942, a calendar page for 1925 was stuck to a wall. I found a fragment of paper in the dust with the words 'operators daily log'. This is mine.

The computer keeps running out of power as I need the wind turbine and today has been dead calm. It means that the web cam has not been updated like it should and the roof cam is disconnected. I will try to get these things sorted just as soon as there is a bit of a blow.