Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Pigeon Post

The NCO's sleeping area on the north west corner of the intermediate floor has the rectilinear patterns of bolted steel seams and painted hardboard cladding seen thoughout. A pale blue chest, missing its drawers and top has been upturned. An empty packet of Players cigarettes sits on top. Part of the Uxbridge Post for July 9th 1958 lay under a mound of feathers and dust; possibly a paper from home. Beneath this, was a raffle ticket issued by the Royal Army Ordnance Corps for a draw on January 4th the same year.

Amongst the feathers were leg rings from weary homing pigeons that never made it back - GB 2000A25848 and GB99 S44807. Red Woodard, who worked on nearby Red Sands Fort in 1956, told me recently about the Dutch racing pigeons that landed there and how Chef gave them bread crumbs and helped them on their way. ... well how he made pigeon pie.

Now pigeon post is an idea. I would not be waiting for the wind turbine to power up my computer so I could send this log and they might also be interesting companions.